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Rostocker Hafenstammtisch

Since spring 1993 it's back again, the "Rostocker Hafenstammtisch". The resuscitation of the "Rostocker Hafenstammtisch", which has a 60 years old tradition, is to owe the common initiative of the club of the captains and ship officers' e.V. and the Hanse Sail office.

The monthly event is on every 3rd Tuesday. Our presenter Horst Marx welcomes four talk guests from the maritime economy, navigation and ferry traffic, harbour economy and culture and tourism industry of Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania and the Baltic area. After the talk, the visitors of the "Rostocker Hafenstammtisch" can discus with the guests of the evening.

The "Rostocker Hafenstammtisch" is public. Included in the talk are journalists of the regional press and broadcasting senders, interested representatives of politics and economy, maritime and other clubs. At 6.30 pm o'clock the Shanty-Choir "De Klaashahns" from Warnemünde is going to perform. Admission free to all events.