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Hanse Sail Association

Hanse Sail Association of advancement traditional navigation in the Baltic
Phone: +49 (0)381 208 52 80
Fax: +49 (0)381 45 900 50

Post Code
Hanse Sail Verein e.V.
Warnowufer 65  l  D-18057 Rostock

The Hanse Sail Club is a long standing and a solid partner of the Hanse Sail. Its important fields are:

(1) Care of the crews of the participating ships at the Hanse Sail

A system of nearly 120 carers takes care that the crews of the big- and traditional sailing vessels feel well and join the time days after the Sail at the Warnow. Günther Senf leads the carer team committed and with housekeeping fortune.

(2) Placement of sailing trips, daytrips and week trips

The Tall-Ship booking office of the Hanse Sail Club arranges sailing trips. Round about 30.000 guests of the Hanse Sail come to join trips and they spend exiting hours on the big- and traditional sailing vessels, for example during the squadron trips on the Warnow, regattas of Warnemünde or the HIORTEN-regatta from Karlskrona to Rostock.

The seasoned crew of Mandy Schultz arranges travels on sailing vessels and flights with seaplanes.

>> Tall-Ship Booking Office

(3) Composition of exhibition and touristy-maritime meetings

For artists and persons who engaged in the cultural sector it is possible to present their artistic work during the Hanse Sail on ships or in galleries. The chairman of the Club, Günter Senf, coordinates the coactions since 1996 with success.
Further information under phone: +49 (0)38208 80 82 55.

(4) Support of reconstructions of historic sailing vessels in the harbours of the Baltic with attribution and accompaniment of the activities of the Baltic Sail movement.

(5) Care of the crews of big sailing vessels during Winter-Sails

(6) Support of the Hanse Sail with publications

Because of the Hanse Sail Association 2 books, "Segelschulschiffe am Wind – Jugend unter Segeln" and "Hanse Sail Rostock – Wo man sich begegnet" could be published.

 >> Illustrated Book "Hanse Sail Rostock - Wo man sich begegnet"