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Welcome to the 19th Hanse Sail Rostock

The attraction of the Hanse Sail is the result mostly caused by the maritime folk festival, the traditional sailing ships and the museum ships.
Annually on the 2nd weekend of August one million of people gets the chance to experience this lively maritime cultural heritage.

More than 200 participating ships with a total age of about 13.000 years get saluted at their arrival by an effectual shot of the cannonry of historic ships. Altogether the sails of the participants represent an area of 60.000 square kilometres and the length of all participating ships would be about six kilometres along the quayside. In fact, this is only an imagination, because neither the quay of the City harbour nor the quays of Rostock-Marienehe or Warnemünde are long enough. So the sailing ships lie in packs of three or four ships in the City harbour. The visitors benefit of these packs, because they can easily look at the figureheads of the historic sailing ships.

Visitors will get the best views of Galeasses, brigs, cogs and schooners on the Warnow between the City harbour an Warnemünde in the early morning or early evening hours of the Hanse Sail, when the waterline becomes the “catwalk” of these maritime models.

Unlike the modern fashion world actors don’t have to be young and slim but corpulent and old, like the flat bottom ship FORTUNA or the clipper SIGANDOR which have been built in 1909 and will celebrate their centenary at the 19th Hanse Sail.

The closer the traditional ships get to the Baltic Sea the more they present their glorious sails and at their arrival they meet modern maritime contemporaries like cruisers, boats of the German Navy as well as ferries. This means a staging which has no director and which although presents the impression of a maritime parade of navigation history.  Experiencing this is impressive from the water and fascinating out of a sea plane; however the total elation and the highest Sail atmosphere visitors will get aboard the sailing ships by enjoying a sailing trip.

The sails get fully expanded in the Baltic Sea in front of Warnemünde when the sail will be set. The most exciting manoeuvres can be seen on board of a ship on Sail’s Saturday when the regattas start and guest will be invited to support the crew members.

Over the last years the Hanse Sail contributed to the Baltic Sea becoming “The Sea of traditional sailing ships”. The “Hiorten-Regatta” from Karlskrona to Rostock as well as the events of the Baltic Sail which includes Halmstad, Karlskrona, Lübeck-Travemünde, Klaipeda, Gdansk and Rostock, Sassnitz, Swinoujscie and Gävle became concepts of the Baltic area.

Hanse Sail and Baltic Sail mean more than a symbolic exercise related to the legendary Hanseatic period which was founded 750 years ago in 1259 under the “Wendische Quartier”. The opportunities to make further contributions to a new and modern Hanseatic period are very well.

Denmark is the partner country of the Hanse Sail 2009. We, the organisers, and you, the visitors are very excited about the contribution of our northern neighbours.

The Tall Ships’ Races which were hosted over more than 50 years by the Sail Training International will take place once again in the Baltic area. Starting in Gdynia passing St. Petersburg and Turku the ships arrive in Klaipeda within a great final one weekend before the Hanse Sail starts. The participants who sail towards the Hanse Sail can be sure that they will be welcomed by an extraordinary loud and affectionate salute shot when entering the port of Warnemünde.

Welcome to the 19th Hanse Sail!