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Impressions of Hanse Sail Rostock 2007

Pictures of the 17th Hanse Sail Rostock are arranged in a gallery for you.
These were taken by our photographer Lutz Zimmermann and can be used, free of charge, for press publication with the reference photo: archive Hanse Sail. A commercial use can be enquired and arranged at the press office.

Press office Hanse Sail
phone +49 (0)381 208 52 39
e-mail: presse-hansesail@rostock.de

To enlarge the pictures click the caption.

Sunday, 12th August

Saturday, August 11th

At the Warnow                                 The Cog UBENA v. BREMEN

Firework in the city harbour                Coyote Girls Ugly

Friday, August 10th

At the Warnow                                  The oldest participating vessel

Thursday, August 9th

Second meeting of cogs Wismar-Rostock, August 8th

On the way to Rostock                      During the put in to the city harbour