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13 / 10 / 2008

Ship in trouble

Actually, the Swedish cutter “Bjornsund” should take part at the Hanse Sail Rostock in 2008 again. The owners of the small traditional ship from Karlskrona are good friends in Rostock and they have many friends here.

Per-Inge Lindqvist was the manager of the naval museum of Karlskrona, Per-Anders Daag was one of his employees. Both are the “fathers” of the postal yachts-replica “Hiorten” from 1692, which has headed Rostock several times since her maiden voyage in 1999. The Ship is the name giver for the regatta of traditional ships from Karlskrona to the Hanse Sail Rostock. Besides, Lindqvist was in 2007 and 2008 the race director of the Hiorten-Race. He is also the chairman of the Swedish Sailing Ship Association.

Their ship is a real old-timer. The "Bjornsund" was built in 1928 in Esbjerg (Denmark) as a fishing vessel for the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and is received almost originally. Today the ship serves social-educational purposes and is especially equipped. Mentally and physically handicapped people, foremost children and teenager, even blind people, have the possibility to test and train available abilities and skills and her sea-mannish talents aboard the “Bjornsund”, themed “Together we are strong”.

However in spring a storm tore off a pontoon in the harbour of Karlskrona. The pontoon drifted against the hull of "Bjornsund". The ship hit leakage but remained floatable. The stocktaking of the shipyard in Ekenäs is sobering. Almost the whole portside of the ship must get a new plank, a part of the frames have to be exchanged. Total loss: approx. 50.000,00 EUR. It’s open, whether if and how insurances will regulate the damages.

The Hanse Sail Bureau and Hanse Sail Association appeal for donations in favour of the ship under the headword "Bjornsund". Donators are asked to perform transfers stating the name and the residential address on the following account:

Owner of the account: Hanse Sail Verein e.V.
Bank: HypoVereinsbank Rostock, Kuhstraße, D-18055 Rostock
IBAN: DE14200300000019516658
Account No.: 1951 66 58
Course: Donation “Bjornsund”

The Hanse Sail Association issues donation receipts. Donators are called in particular on hansesail.com and are recompensed for her donation with the Hanse Sail Magazin 2008 and 2009 (after appearance in January 2009). Moreover, for donations more than 50,00 EUR donators get a Hanse Sail calendar 2009 additionally.

Please help, that the cutter "Bjornsund" can take part in the Hanse Sail Rostock 6. to 09. August 2009 and cruise off Warnemünde with handicapped people on occasion of her 80th anniversary.

Hanse Sail Verein e.V.: 300,00 EUR
Participants conference 9th to 11th oct. 2008: 400,00 EUR
Holger Bellgardt: 150,00 EUR
Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetränke AG: 500,00 EUR