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25 / 02 / 2009

Sailing fun to give away

Are you in the mood for admire the picturesque Baltic coast from the sea side one day? Are you in the mood for exciting sailing operations? Are you in the mood for a refreshing breeze of air from the Baltic Sea?

This gift idea of a special type is offered with immediate effect by the Tall-Ship Booking Office (Tall-Ship Buchungszentrale) at the City harbour of Rostock. In anticipation of the impressive tall-ship-meeting in Rostock, the Hanse-Sail Rostock from the 6th to the 9th August, there are already coupons for exciting cruises in the daytime, in the evening and for several days. You can buy tickets for short trips from three to four hours on traditional ships as from 25,00 EUR.

You can also acquire coupons, for example for a trip with the Dutch schooner EENDRACHT or for the Swedish schooner HELENE. Who would prefer to let the choice of the ships to the presentee, can give a coupon with declaration of value as well.

Sailing trips at the Baltic Sea fascinates with landscaped beauties of the Mecklenburg North Sea coast and make you trust in with the traditions of the regional seafaring. The August days at the Hanse Sail promise maritime flair with beautiful ships at the City harbour of Rostock and at the sea resort of Warnemünde, with a shopping mile, music, entertainment and fireworks. A sailing trip as a gift voucher makes everyone happy.

Information & Booking
Tall-Ship Buchungszentrale
Warnowufer 65
D - 18057 Rostock

phone +49 (0)381 208 52 26