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Impressions of Hanse Sail Rostock 2008

Pictures of the 18th Hanse Sail Rostock are arranged in a gallery for you.
These were taken by our photographer Lutz Zimmermann and can be used, free of charge, for press publication with the reference photo: archive Hanse Sail. A commercial use can be enquired and arranged at the press office.

Press office Hanse Sail
phone +49 (0)381 208 52 39
e-mail: presse-hansesail@rostock.de

To enlarge the pictures click the caption.

Sunday, August 10th

STAD AMSTERDAM                        Pleasure in every kind of weather

Tradition and technology                   Powerboat HONDA

Saturday, August 9th

SAILOR'S Firework                           Stage Hanse Sail: Peter Schilling

Program at stage NDR                      Stage Antenne MV: Haddaway

PEDRO DONCKER                          Regatta of tall ships

Full speed ahead                              Party on board

Friday, August 8th

Party at the stage                             Five men on the rocks

Fantastic Sail impressions                Welcome on board!  

The smallest ship SUNNY                 Peaceful pirates

Stream of visitors                              A lot of fun for everyone

At the diving container                       PIPER Supercup from Flensburg

Thursday, August 7th

Steamer STETTIN                             Gaff schooner ABEL TASMAN       

Prelude to the 18th Hanse Sail - August 6th

Cog trip to rostock                            Brig APHRODITE