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SeaSide – Developing excellent cultural destinations in the Southern Baltic area

The South Baltic area is becoming an outstanding region for economy and tourism. One of the comprehensive aims of the Interreg IV A South Baltic Programme is to connect the economic and social growth of the regions and to make it sustainable. In order to make the region more competitive joint conceptions are to be developed, the integration of the inhabitants is to be reinforced and the institutions of the region shall be involved more and more.

SeaSide is one of the four approved projects receiving funding from the South Baltic Programme. 13 partners are working on the realisation of the project’s objective. Altogether the project is about the sustainable use of the maritime cultural heritage of the South Baltic area. SeaSide partners are not only municipalities or tourist offices of different cities and regions, but also maritime museums. They are in charge of organising large maritime events.

The Lead Partner of the project is the Hanseatic City of Rostock represented by Bureau Hanse Sail. The total budget of the SeaSide project amounts to 1.965.000 EUR – thereof 1.597.000 EUR are funded by the EU. Further partners are from Klaipeda, Gdansk, Karlskrona, Stralsund as well as the Island of Ruegen and the Regional Tourist Board Vorpommern.

As to reach the project’s overall objective several key activities which complement one another are to be connected reasonably:

- Establishment of a professional network including maritime museum and tourism associations

- Improvement of the degree of popularity of the maritime cultural heritage as a tourist attraction

- Development of common tourism destinations, branding and marketing involving the participating cities and regions focussing on the common identity and heritage

- Design of a common exhibition of the maritime cultural heritage

- Preservation of traditional sailing vessels and maritime handcraft skills for future generations as part of the common “floating heritage”

- Development of traditional sailing vessels and maritime festivals into a brand of the South Baltic area

The project SeaSide duration is 36 months and is planned to end in June 30, 2011. The results are to be reported to the responsible Joint Technical Secretariat in Gdansk every four month.

Büro Hanse Sail Rostock
Mr. Holger Bellgardt