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23 / 01 / 2006  

GORCH FOCK to be flag ship of the 16th Hanse Sail

GORCH FOCK as flag ship. In the 50th anniversary year of the German Navy, the training sailing ship will lead the colourful field of brigs, barques, sloops and schooners. At the biggest meeting of traditional ships in the Baltic...


14 / 11 / 2005  

150th Rostocker Hafenstammtisch with Harald Ringstorff

On December 13th 2005, 7am at the Baltic Point Warnemünde, there is the 150th Rostocker Hafenstammtisch. Guest of the talk is Dr. Harald Ringstorff, prime minister of Mecklenburg Western-Pomeranian.


29 / 09 / 2005  

KRUZENSHTERN sails round the world

If the only still sailing Flying P-Liner, the legendary four-mast-ship KRUZENSHTERN past PADUA, tries once again the big project to round the world in summer 2005, for all fans of the traditional sailing ships it is a big...


07 / 03 / 2005  

Hanse Sail culture and "matschmoor"

The programme of the Hanse Sail-Stage in the Rostockian city harbour is completed! The visitor’s interest for the colourful stage programme has been increased in the last few years.