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25 / 02 / 2009  

Sailing fun to give away

Are you in the mood for admire the picturesque Baltic coast from the sea side one day? Are you in the mood for exciting sailing operations? Are you in the mood for a refreshing breeze of air from the Baltic Sea?


13 / 10 / 2008  

Ship in trouble

Actually, the Swedish cutter “Bjornsund” should take part at the Hanse Sail Rostock in 2008 again. The owners of the small traditional ship from Karlskrona are good friends in Rostock and they have many friends here.


11 / 08 / 2008  

Lord major Roland Methling: Hanse Sail become adulty

„Now the 18th edition of the Hanse Sail Rostock is already over. Our Hanse Sail has become adulty!"


07 / 08 / 2008  

Go-karts at the City harbour

A special highlight for the visitors of the 18th Hanse Sail is presented at the Kabutzenhof.


07 / 08 / 2008  

W-LAN at the Hanse Sail Rostock

Under the motto W-DSL the enterprise TelComm Jeske & Co OHG offers a mobile internet access during the Hanse Sail Rostock 2008 at the City harbour.


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